Gary Willows is a recovering addict cursed by LSD flashbacks that feature dragons. A first-rate drummer in a third-rate rock band, his life is going nowhere, until one night when his spirits are uplifted by a chance encounter with Helena Frost.

With Helena’s help he tackles his addiction but the flashbacks continue. When Helena suggests a break at her parents’ cottage at Strathgordon in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park, he is excited by the prospect of spending some quality time alone with his new found love.

Despite a record-breaking winter with heavy snowdrifts cutting them off from the rest of society, the couple’s first day is idyllic.

But their peace is shattered when the cottage is invaded by a psychopath — an axe-wielding escapee, Frankie Morgan, the most dangerous man ever incarcerated in an Australian jail.

A Dragon In The Snow is an emotional avalanche for a mild mannered drummer who goes into battle with something far worse that his imagined dragons.