About the Author


 Apart from a stint in London Darryl Greer has lived in and around Queensland most of his life.

His study at school led to employment in the dairy industry—a milk run at the age of fifteen—and later, odd-jobbing including a less than stellar career as a singer/guitarist in a rock band. Nevertheless, his love of money overcame his interest in the hand-to-mouth life and his studies resulted in a reputation as a respectable, mostly, solicitor and writer.

From striding down London’s Chancery Lane in a three-piece suit, clutching a briefcase and swinging his brolly to hanging his shingle in a hotel bar at Cooktown, Darryl has had a career marked by variety and his love of challenge. But his lawyering days are now behind him as he focuses on a full time writing career.

Darryl has had numerous articles published in national and international law and travel magazines, and in ezines. He has even received respectful reviews.

Now he writes books. He is arriving. The Election is his first published novel.

His second novel, Calvus, was published in August 2012 by Morris Publishing Australia his third, Agnus Dei, published by Custom Book Publications, emerged in February 2014.  Sleeping With Angels, Darryl’s fourth published novel, again via Custom Book Publications, was released in November 2014. His latest novel, A Dragon In The Snow is out now.

Darryl lives with his wife and daughter in the hinterland of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

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