Calvus cover front

Some things are unexplained; some people call them phenomena; others might call them miracles.

It’s Jerusalem AD30 and Calvus, a youthful Roman legionary, attends his first crucifixion. As the prisoner takes his last breath their eyes meet and Calvus is overcome by a mysterious sensation which profoundly affects the rest of his life. When the soldiers cast lots for the condemned man’s clothing, reluctantly Calvus accepts his sandals.

Following the Claudian invasion of Britannia in AD43 Calvus, now a centurion and married to Vipsania, is posted to Verulamium where he is second in charge. Maintaining control is challenging – not all Britons welcome the Romans with open arms – but he excels and impresses his superior, Concusses.

But the malevolent Concusses embarks upon a devious scheme to remove Calvus so he can take Vipsania for himself. Calvus is tried on a  trumped up charge of treason.

Almost two millennia later in modern day St Albans, England there is a grisly discovery in Verulamium Park and Australian DI Chris O’Rourke is the investigating officer.

A crucified body, ancient coffins, 2000-year-old skeletons, Latin writings and an old pair of sandals. It is an investigation that baffles even the tenacious O’Rourke.

Calvus spans three continents and two thousand years and culminates in a discovery that will send shockwaves around the globe.

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