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Looking for a guest speaker?  As you can see from this site, Darryl has had five novels successfully published, The Election which he self-published, Calvus originally by Morris Publishing Australia, and Agnus Dei, Sleeping With Angels and A Dragon In The Snow by Custom Book Publications.  He has another novel in the making and a few other manuscripts on hand. He is also working on some new screenplays for both film and television.

As if writing a novel isn’t daunting enough, getting it published, even self-published, can be a formidable experience.  And the job doesn’t end there.  It was once said that producing a novel is 10% writing, 90% marketing.  Getting your novel onto Amazon’s website is one thing, but how is it going to stand out to prospective customers when it is only one of millions of titles?  How do you get recognised as a writer if you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars in advertising?

Darryl’s talk will touch on these and other intriguing questions, but the main focus will be the subject matter of his novels, what inspired him to write them, where his ideas came from and the considerable amount of research that went into them.  He will tell you how he came to be a writer in the first place and will give a short reading.

While writing is Darryl’s passion, he has also had a career as a lawyer in various parts of Queensland and a long period in London.  Travel is a great way to find ideas for stories and characters and over the years he has travelled to about forty different countries.

If you would like to know more contact Darryl via this website or at

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