Agnus Dei…a gripping novel of evil, justice, sacrifice and atonement

As a junior barrister, Brendan Connolly receives a brief to defend a notorious paedophile, Thomas Henry Johnson.

Although only assisting a QC, the silk is compromised mid-trial and forced to resign, leaving Brendan to assume the defence.  He achieves the almost impossible…a verdict of not guilty by way of insanity…but the prospect of turning Johnson loose proves too much for the sincere and principled young barrister.  In a shock move he dumps his girlfriend, defies his parents and quits the Bar to become a Jesuit priest.

Twenty years later, hearing confessions, he is confronted by the very same man.  Coerced into defending his latest charge of murder, Brendan finds a unique way of turning the tables on the evil predator.

Agnus Dei twists and turns its way through a maze of evil deeds and moving challenges.  With thrilling developments in a life or death pursuit of justice and retribution, the unexpected is always around the corner, heightening the suspense right to the last lines.AD cover (first)

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