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How envious I am of “The Election.” In his first foray into Australian literature Darryl Greer crafts a strong, firm, exciting tale. Pulsating with energy, throbbing with drama, this book plunges into new territory. Tension builds as the reader reaches the plateau of the expected explosive ending. Happy ending? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

AB, Los Angeles, Calif.

I’ve read over 100 pages already and can’t put it down!!! Great book so far…BR, Ashmore, Qld

It is certainly a ‘page turner’ and the plot topical.VS, Blackheath, NSW

Well, I have to say I enjoyed the read…RF, Lilyfield, NSW

It is a good read, truly…SP, Currumbin, Qld

Whilst we were away I read your book, which I thoroughly enjoyed.AR, Perth, WA.

I have finished your book – loved it! Congratulations on a job well done.

Just finished The Election… bloody good read.

RR, Ashmore, Qld

Readers’ comments on Calvus

…been meaning to email you to let you know how much I’m enjoying reading Calvus…it’s got me intrigued.  Very interesting names and I loved the court proceedings.

AR, Perth

CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful book.  I read it within a few days – a real record for me.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  I was gripped from the outset and became quite anxious towards the end…knowing I was running out of book and it would soon be over.  I bet it is going to sell really well and personally think it would be a great film.  It is really sophisticated, was a really clever plot, hangs together beautifully and comes together very satisfyingly at the end.  I got right into the characters and fell slightly in love with Calvus – you gave the reader enough description that they become very real people.

EN, St Albans, England

Finished Calvus – great read.  Did not anticipate the ending.

MS, Windsor

Calvus…was a great read, doing the rounds of the family.

CR, Gold Coast

…by the way I really loved Calvus.

SS, Launceston

Very enjoyable, and a truly original concept.

GF, Gold Coast

Readers’ comments on Agnus Dei

I have downloaded “Agnus Dei” on my Kindle app, and cannot put it down!

AR, Perth

I have read (“Agnus Dei”) and enjoyed it immensely.  I must say that I didn’t expect it to end the way it did (and I usually can predict the ending).  I will be keeping an eye out for your next novel.

CS, Redland Bay

Just finished reading Agnus Dei last night.  I really enjoyed the story, found it a bit confronting at times especially regarding the details of injuries to the little girls but the suspense kept going.  Well done! It was a good read. Detailed, suspenseful and a page turner. And I enjoyed reading about the behind-the-scenes workings of the court; and the lawyers who profit from repeat offenders.

LB, Broadbeach

Readers’ comments on Sleeping With Angels

(Sleeping With Angels) just arrived…I have already read it, and enjoyed the read, well done.

AR, Perth

Enjoyed Sleeping With Angels. A great read. Thanks very much.

PH, Sydney

On my trip, I read Sleeping With Angels. Loved it. Hard to put it down. It was only the dining (and food) that allowed me to put it down.

AB, Los Angeles

I’m hooked!! Read the first chapter of your new book (Sleeping With Angels) last night. Great beginning, beautiful writing!

A story showing the dark seamy side of life in a brothel for male prostitutes and the acts they must perform; the abuse they receive just to make a living.  On the other hand, life in a big law firm in the city. Some scandalous behaviour (whilst appearing to be within the law) in that area too.

And the people who have the moral fibre to stand up to the bullies, have the nerve to see it through till the criminals are put under lock and key.

A riveting read – a real page turner – interesting sentence structures and well composed paragraphs. The tension level was up till the very end.

I’ll never look at that pink legal tape in the same way again!

LB, Broadbeach

Readers’ comments on A Dragon In The Snow

I also loved A Dragon In The Snow. Might be my favourite so far.

AR, Perth



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