A tale of intrigue, suspense, sectarian violence and one Muslim boy’s struggle for a better life…

When, during the 2007 Lebanon conflict, a stray terrorists’ rocket killed his mother, twelve-year-old Jabir Sarkis vowed he’d join the army and fight terrorism.

But fate had other ideas. While attending ¬†university, events occur in Australia that will shape the rest of his life: the murder of an Israeli dignitary, the prime minister’s assassination, a $M20 bounty and the lure of a permanent visa.

When Jabir identifies the assassin his reward provides him with a new life in Australia. But Hezbollah orders the killer to follow, while in Beirut Jabir’s girlfriend, Rihana is kidnapped.

The hunt is on. The new Australian PM has his back, and so does an agent of Israel’s Mossad, but will the assassin get there first?

Bounty will take you on a gripping ride from a poverty-blighted, terrorist-infected corner of Lebanon, to the streets of Beirut, to Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv, to the halls of power in Canberra, and finally to its thrilling climax in Sydney.