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A gripping novel of murder, mystery and intrigue set in the opulent offices of a leading city law firm.

A naked body is found in the basement of a prestigious law firm and Mark Summers is ensnared in the ensuing investigation. When he eventually discovers the truth – about the murder and the firm – he is in mortal danger.

Anderson & Co, one of the country’s leading law firms, holds an annual Christmas party, the talk of the legal profession. For law student Mark Summers, to step inside their main boardroom with its crystal chandeliers, deep-pile carpet and rare oil paintings is to enter a new and exciting world – but he is only a waiter.

During a break he inspects the basement gym where he stumbles across the body of a naked man, Gordon Banks, with pink legal tape twisted around its neck; horrified, he rushes upstairs to alert others and the party is disrupted by the arrival of the police.

A year later, detectives are no closer to an arrest, Mark has passed his finals, his firm cannot keep him on and he is looking for a position as a lawyer. On the brink of despair, destined for a career in legal aid and small-time criminal work, he secures a place at Anderson & Co.

But his excitement over the appointment is short lived when he discovers a few truths about the firm he’d been so eager to join.

And he also finds out a few things about himself.

Sleeping With Angels navigates the murky corridors of a powerful city law firm and takes you where you may not want to go.

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